Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am done with college.

This morning I wrote the conclusion to my final economics paper on China, biked down the library, printed it out, and handed it over to Professor Steen with a big grin on my face.  He told me he was "actually looking forward to reading it, unlike some of the other ones," which was pretty nice of him to say.  Then I ran outside and literally jumped for joy in the glorious spring sunshine.

That is how my college experience ended.

To celebrate, I got a cappuccino from JP's and strolled around downtown, looking at all of the tulips in a bit of a nostalgic mood.  I didn't reflect on my college experience though.  The cappuccino brought me back to my semester in Spain when we would go out after class a couple days a week to have a cafe con leche (same as a cappuccino).  Getting one of those for a euro was awesome and so good.  It is too bad you have to pay 3 bucks for one of those in the states.  Anyway, the other thing on my mind was the tulips.  A year ago at this time I was in the Netherlands, gazing at a sea of tulips comprised of every size, height, and color imaginable.  Fields upon fields of tulips that stretched to the horizon.  Impresionante.

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