Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Love Montana

It is a different world out here.  You know you're in Montana when...

...the newspaper's headline article is titled "Gopher Hunting 101" wear a pearl snap, cowboy boots, and huge belt buckle to work and fit in. carry bear spray whenever you go on a run or hike.

...the two main smells are horse poop (outside) and firewood (inside and outside). almost kick a grouse while walking down the trail to work in the morning (they're kind of dumb creatures sometimes).

...the sun is shining at the beginning of a run; it then proceeds to snow, followed by more sun, all in 45 minutes.

Funny newspaper police reports and classifieds you would only get here: (Basically the only crime you get out here are random odd things like below or alcohol related incidents).

"Men selling vacuum cleaners around 7pm seemed suspicious to a resident of Isaiah Trail.  They were doing nothing illegal.

"An officer caught a horse running down South 19th Avenue around 7:30pm"

"About six people traveling in a vehicle along West Olive Street were tossing trash out the windows and "acting idiotic" around 3:30pm"

"A caller wanted a teen cited after seeing the 17-year-old take cigarettes out of ashtrays at a restaurant"

"Two horses were causing a traffic hazard on Jackrabbit Lane, crossing back and forth around 8:30pm"

"An intoxicated woman was carrying a bike down the middle of the road.  When an officer asked her about the bike, she said she didn't want it anymore.  she just wanted to go home.  Police put the bike in storage for safekeeping."

"A man came to a woman's house and threatened to kill her cat because it was killing gophers."

Starting at 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, May 31st at 498 Topaz Road, Belgrade.  No Sunday calls, please."

And my personal favorite:

"Needed used shower stall for 97 year old woman in exchange for raspberries (in season) or negotiation."

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