Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life goes on...

The past two weeks have been fairly busy here.

I got a 24 hour flu-type sickness that has been going around, so I ended up reading and holding my stomach all day yesterday.  Good to have another day off, but bad to be sick.  At least I never puked, unlike some other people.

I only hope that it makes its rounds before Sunday when we get a new round of guests.  This week we go from 34 to 102, so this is when it gets serious around here.

On my day off this week I went to the big city of Bozeman for the day to get some provisions-bananas, peanut butter, and a dry bag and rope for camping.  Earlier in the day I went riding with some other employees.  The sun was shining for the first time in days and there was a slight breeze.  Perfect.  We climbed a little to start out, and then when it leveled out we broke out into trot, and then a lope (aka a decent run).  Due to my inexperience-it was my third time on a horse-most of the time loping meant me bouncing up and down uncontrollably in the saddle.  By the end I got it down a little so there was less bouncing and a little more fluid motion of going with with the horse.  Needless to say I was sore the next day.

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