Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The world that is Montana

The other day I got up early and hopped in the car to head to Pine Creek, a creek with a hike up it nearby that is rumored to have an amazing set of waterfalls.  I headed out of the ranch at about 6:30am and down the 5 mile, twisting dirt road that is Big Creek.  Halfway down I encountered something you would only find in Montana-a herd of horses thundering up the road.

The ranch's horses are kept in the fields down in the valley and every morning the wranglers round them up and send them up Big Creek road to the coral at the ranch.  Horses are quite intelligent, and so know where they are going.  It only takes two or three wranglers to move upwards of 75 horses up the road.  The only trouble spot is the Y in the road, so one of them sits there and directs the horses up the correct fork.

Anyway, I came creeping around a corner and all of a sudden there were horses everywhere.  Knowing what was coming, I pulled over and let them pass.  Only in Montana.

It turns out Pine Creek was closed because they were spraying for some weed or bug, so I went to Dailey Lake instead and enjoyed the beauty of it.  No fish were caught (my original purpose), but it was still a solid morning.

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