Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The biggest news of late: family season is over.  All the kids, adorable as they are, have left, and thank goodness.  Our numbers have gone from over 80 to 25-35.  For those of you who are teachers out there, think of it as taking two-thirds of the children out of your classrooms.

To celebrate, all of the employees had a bonfire and cooked ribs and pizza on the rocks around it, along with peanut butter s'mores, under a blanket of Montana stars.  Life does not get better than that.

Now I am looking to the fall and winter-my contract here us up the 31st of October, so I am on the job hunt again.  Right now there are two general areas on my radar: ski resorts in the West, and Costa Rica.

I could work at Big Sky, a ski area about 20 miles from my current location in Montana.  People here are bound to have connections, and there are a number of resorts.  Flying through cold smoke (what they call dry powder out here) and blazing x-country ski trails would certainly be sweet.  If I felt adventurous and a little crazy it is also possible to fly fish year-round out here, too.

Costa Rica is a dream of mine-to experience the laid back life, explore tropical forests, and learn to surf.  It is definitely possible, as people who speak English are valued down there, and it is a relatively rich, developed, and safe nation for Central America.  Looking online, there are numerous opportunities, ranging from work/trade arrangements to selling Segways and working at yoga retreats-all of which could be fun.  Compared to working in the US, it would be a little more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, but I suppose having something a little more unstructured could be good, and would challenge me.

As of now I am going to apply to jobs all over the place and see what happens.  Something will come up-that I am sure of, just as a trout will eventually rise to a fly after enough casts and the right one is presented.

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