Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Update

I am "home."

It is strange to be in a place where you can have pizza delivered to your doorstep, there is cell reception, and going somewhere-anywhere- does not involve half an hour in the car.  Oh, and there is television, too. No more driving to the Old Saloon just to watch a football game.

Overall, it is good and bad.  I do not watch television except for the Colbert Report on occasion and football on the weekends.  One person has called me on my cell phone in the six days I have been home, and there have been no pizza deliveries.  Montana wilderness is just as comfortable, and potentially prettier (Lake Michigan gives the mountains a run for their money).  It is my second home,

For the winter, I will be working at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana.  It is 20 miles west of my summer job at Mountain Sky, as the crow flies, but is two hours drive by car because there is no path over the mountains.

I will be one of three dining room managers, and will work as a lead server when on duty.  Check out the website for some pics and to see what it is all about.  Due to the two hour drive from Mountain Sky, I have not even been there yet, since an in-person interview would mean four hours of driving, but I am confident it will be an excellent place to work and play.  There are 85 km of xc ski trails to explore, and the resort was named the #1 xc resort in North America a couple of years ago.  Sweet.

Oh, and fall in Montana was gorgeous.

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