Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strange Days Indeed

The last couple of weeks here have been strange weather-wise, as it has been all over the United States.  

Here is a rundown of three days last week.

Day 1: Blizzard.  I did some XC skiing and broke trail the whole time, going through a good 6 inches of snow.  We got 11 inches in 24 hours.  This is a picture looking down-you cannot even see my skis through all the snow.  It was like skiing around in a snow globe, being unable to see the surrounding world.

And the trails.

Day 2: Skate skied 20k over perfectly groomed snow to finish up the season.

Day 3: Ran in a t-shirt and shorts and felt comfortable.  In the mountains with dry air, 50° with sun and a light breeze feels fantastic!  Felt like spring outside.  I drank a beer and sunned myself on the deck for a while like a lazy lizard.

The past week has been nothing but warm weather, with highs near 50° every day.  The roads are all clear of snow, which is nice for running, and it has slowly been retreating for another year.  Then all of sudden winter decides to come back: last night we got a good 3 inches of snow.  Yesterday I cleaned the restaurant's veranda in a t-shirt and shorts in the golden warmth of the morning sun.  Today I will be wearing a winter jacket to work as it is only 20°.  The distant boom of the skit patrol bombing for avalanches reaches me as I write this, reminding me that to not count winter out yet.  Strange days indeed.

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