Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Update

Just a couple of pics to share with you.  January has turned into February and with it came new snow.  You might think we anywhere in the mountains gets a lot of snow, but January was pretty scant for us here.  I swear we didn't get any for two weeks straight, and when we did it was an inch or two.  The five inches or so at the end of January/beginning of February were much needed.

As for January, I put 150 miles on my car for the entire month.  I skied to work every day, about 3.1 miles roundtrip, and on my days off skied to the ranch as well, so that is 96.1 miles.  I estimate I skied seriously twice each week, so let us say eight times, and on average that was perhaps 7 miles on average, so 56 miles.  Grand total: somewhere in the neighborhood of 152 miles.  Woohoo for skiing as much as I drove!

Just to give you an idea of what -20°F looks like, here is what it does to my beard on my way into work in the morning.  Call me 'Frosty'.

The evening light is often pretty great here.  Here is a view of the ski hill beyond ranch property.

And finally for you here are some crazy clouds I witnessed on my way home from work the other day.

Alright, well today is my day off.  Time to hit the trails.

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