Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peak Season is Over

The mercury is dropping and it is officially flannel season in Montana-fall in other words.  Even the mountains decided they were tired of being naked and Mother Nature graciously covered them in snow.  As they should be.

A group of us had planned on bagging the highest peak in the Absaroka mountain range, Mount Cowen, but it turns out Mother Nature had decided otherwise.  Peak season is over, just as the peak season at the ranch is winding down.  Sunday evening we trekked in 6 miles to camp at Elbow Lake, which is located right below the peak.  Around 11 o'clock that night the rain started and only stopped in order to turn to snow.  Considering that the peak is a class IV scramble-read: quite scary-with snow it was a no-go.  Oh well, still a fantastic camping trip.

While peaks are out of the question now, it is time for other things like fly fishing.  It should be turning on here pretty quick.  The snow on the peaks will only make the backdrop for that more beautiful and means that ski season is just that much closer...

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