Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frigid Temps & Awesome Rents

The other day in Bozeman after a brutally cold night, -29°F to be exact, one of my friends summed up Montanans' reply to the frigid temperatures, "We don't hibernate, we recreate!"  Indeed, the previous night downtown Bozeman hosted its annual Christmas Stroll, closing off Main Street and setting up booths for food and nonprofits, while the stores all stayed open and some screened films or hosted bands.  Santa made an appearance as well.  You would think -11°F would scare people off, but no, it was packed.  Needless to say, hot cocoa was literally the hot commodity that evening.

Back in Big Sky, I am moved in to Lone Mountain Ranch, where I will be working as a PM server in the dining room.  Originally, they put me in the A-frame, which has their ski shop on the bottom floor, but that room did not have a kitchen, so when a spot opened up in the Schaap House on top of the hill I jumped on it.  Check it out.  Upgrade.

OK, you might be convinced, but maybe not enthusiastic.  Let me show you my view.

Million dollar view or multi-million dollar view?  Either way, I'll take it.  Now it is time to get outside and recreate.  Today's forecast is calling for a relatively balmy high of 27°F.  Woohoo!

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